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Magazine and Goods and Doujinshi sale!

Hi I have ALOT of doujinshi - esp. rare ones that i need to sell by the end of September!
They're mostly KinKi Kids and Tokio and SMAP ones..
So plz feel free to see them and take them to homes 'cause
I am throwing them out at the end of September when I'm moving away to new house... X (

Oh and there are KinKi concert goods, CD albums, and JE magazines too.

Come to my livejournal:
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[Selling]Yamapi + TegoPi photos + Miso Soup Japan RE(New)

Collapse )

I'm selling the photos at USD$1.50 each non-inclusive of postage.. if buying more may negotiate with me.. i'm fine with bargaining.. i'm hoping to sell Miso Soup RE at USD$24 as that is how much it cost for me when i got it.. however, if you are serious about buying it, i can try to reduce the price as it is non-inclusive of postage.. all conditions of the items above are good and have no defects(esp Miso Soup RE, it is new..)..

i can do international shipping as well, and accepts paypal(personal account).. Singapore buyers can opt between meet-up and pay or ATM transfer(POSB)..

please comment if interested.. Thank you..

please include ur email address so i can contact you..

Sorry for cross-posting.. and if this is not allowed, please delete this post.. thanks
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RYO melts :D

|TOKIO_suki | PV - SEISYuN

|TOKIO_suki | PV - SEISYuN

Here is our first release subbed Seisyun PV  ^_^  Thanks to the team for being part of the project. OTsukare minna! ^_^


Timer: _naki
Karaoke: crix
QC: deepintoblue
Typesetter/Encoder: metalsheepy

HOPE u will enjoy it as much as we do!
It will be public for a week. tQ! ^_^


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 hello minna-san!! this is a new lj community for you to post your JE stuffs....make sure you read all rules on this community's profile page...just a summary of what NOT to post: fanfics, icons, wallpapers and trading posts....you can post them at your respective je groups communities...thats all for now...

so what are you waiting for? get your works published and post on!!!
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